Immunity Booster Cold Brew Pack (5 pack)

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Boost your immune system with your morning coffee! Enjoy cold brew any time while improving your health. 

Amasu's Immunity Booster is an invigorating, herbal blend of coffee and medicinal herbs. Our Immunity Booster Cold Brew Pack contains 5 packets of our Immunity Booster super coffee blend. The herbs we have chosen to add to this coffee blend support the immune system and strengthen resistance to common colds and flu. The Immunity Booster Coffee blend is a great mix of caffeine and immune system booster. During this time when working from home is more prevalent than ever, this product makes a great care package for remote employees.

The Immunity Booster coffee blend is infused with Jade Windscreen, a powerful herbal decoction used for over 750 years to boost the immune system. Our certified Q graders – coffee roasting and blending professionals – have paired and blended the Jade Windscreen decoction with USDA organic single-origin Nicaraguan dark roast coffee.     


We paired a 750-year-old immunity-boosting formula with a specialty grade coffee, providing you with a convenient and delicious way to boost your health every day.

  • Astragalus – immune system booster and disease fighter
  • Atractylodes – promotes blood circulation and immune activity
  • Siler – activates exterior defenses