About Us

Harnessing Nature to Empower Wellness

Sustainably sourced, organic ingredients, 3000 year old formulas, and vegan, gluten-free, and paleo friendly. The meaning behind Amasu: Amasu was born from the combination of two words, "ama", which in many Asian and European countries means mother, and "su", which stands for purity.
Herbal recipes have been passed down from many generations of Amas(mothers) dating back thousands of years. At Amasu, we draw inspiration from our Amas’ remedies and aspire to put a modern twist on them. Using only the purest ingredients, we strive to deliver the health benefits inspired by Ama in the most convenient way possible.Our products: coffee + a lil umph. Our new line of steeped herbal coffee bags provides the energy you need to get up and go, plus an extra immunity boost, digestive support, or stress relief to help carry you through the day.